• Rock Drilling PDC Cutter

    Rock Drilling PDC Cutter

    rock drilling pdc cutter (PDC) is a superhard composite material composed of a polycrystalline diamond layer (PCD) and a cemented carbide substrate.Read More

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters

    Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters

    As the hardest material known in nature, diamond has a wide range of applications in industry. In 1973, the United States company successfully developed the polycrystalline diamond compact Compax, whiRead More

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Composite

    Polycrystalline Diamond Composite

    In recent years, thanks to the gradual improvement of materials, people’s increasing understanding of hydraulics and in-depth research on vibration theoryRead More

  • PDC Cutter for Coal Mine

    PDC Cutter for Coal Mine

    PDC Cutter for coal mine are produced by sintering diamond powder and cemented carbide substrates under ultra-high pressure and high temperature conditions.Read More

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bit

    Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bit

    As an extremely important component of the energy industry, petroleum has achieved considerable development under a good social situation.Read More

  • PDC Drill Bits

    PDC Drill Bits

    PDC drill bits (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bits) are a new type of drilling tool developed with the development of PDC composite materials.Read More

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Cutter

    Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Cutter

    Polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDCs) for cutting tools are currently being developed toward size upsizing, quality optimization, uniform performanceRead More

  • PDC for Oil Drilling Bits

    PDC for Oil Drilling Bits

    Oil drill bit composite sheet (PDC) uses diamond micropowder as raw material, cobalt metal or nonmetal element as binder, and is assembled with WC cemented carbide matrix after being mixed and sintereRead More

  • PDC Drill Bit

    PDC Drill Bit

    Since the successful development of PDC composite sheets in the 1980s, PDC bits have been widely used in petroleum drilling and geological exploration in many countries of the worldRead More

  • PDC Bolt Drill Bit

    PDC Bolt Drill Bit

    At present, the alumina and ceramic nozzles, cemented carbide nozzles, and boron carbide nozzles are commonly used in sandblast peening processing in the hardware and machinery industries.Read More

  • PDC Bit Drilling

    PDC Bit Drilling

    Low temperature electroplating, pregnant soil diamond geological drill bit has been widely applied in China's land and resources department.Read More

  • Oil Reamer Professional PDC

    Oil Reamer Professional PDC

    Polycrystalline diamond and oil reamer professional composite sheets are generally manufactured by static ultra-high pressure-high temperature methodRead More

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